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Vingrs is a children's gymnastics studio, which offers various classes for raising children's general physic. To better serve customers, Vingrs wanted to create an online sign-up platform and payment system, as well as modernize their existing website. One of the main conditions was not only to ensure the wishes of the clients but also to facilitate the work of the studio staff. This was achieved by linking the sales system to an automatic invoicing system. In turn, the registration system was combined with the lesson planning system, which allows you to quickly and easily edit the lesson times, as well as see the workload of employees.


Project progress

User persona

One of the first tasks when creating a new web page is to find out more about the wishes, needs and habits of its end users. The right client persona should be chosen based on who is the main target of the website. Therefore, together with Vingrs, we created user personalities that correspond to their target audiences. To better build this person, we first identified the three main audiences that buy Vingrs services. Then, together with the client, each of these target audiences was transformed into a “real person” - name, surname, age, gender, occupation, marital status. In this case, user individuals were created quite extended stories so that when talking about these people, the customer would really feel like it is a real customer. In this way, we also get to know the people we need to create a page for. What are their daily problems and how can we make their lives easier with the design, content and layout of the site.


Customer path

After deciphering the users' identity, the customer path was created. It is a series of actions that predefined user individuals take to get a purchase. As well as what they do afterwards. Each user's path to purchase starts much earlier than the website. Therefore, we identified what are the channels from which Vingrs customers first hear, research and are interested in the company. The main issues encountered by the user during the journey were then identified. In this way, it is ensured that the user can easily and conveniently find the necessary information about the company. The home page is at the end of this path, so it needs to merge with all the information previously placed for the user to transition smoothly. This information also serves as a foundation for further planning of the website structure.


The wireframe or good structure and layout of the page is the first step, as a result of which it is already possible to see the first outline of the website. Using wireframes with the client, we outline what and how many pictures they will need, what the text should be, what the sections of the website will be. Together with Vingrs, we developed a fairly accurate page wireframe, which did not change much in the further design and development process. Thus, it was possible to work on the creation of texts, selection and creation of visual materials in a timely manner.


After agreeing on the wireframe, we could safely start developing an individual design. It is different for each company, it is important to highlight the company's values, strengths and general mood when working on the page design. In the case of Vingrs, it was based on the already strongly developed visual identity, which was created before working on the application design. Our job was to transfer the same mood and style to the style of the website. Carefully crafted design allowed us to save time on development, as we were able to make most decisions already at this stage.


As in most of our projects, we use the website building tools offered by Iceberbuilder to develop the site. This ensures that the development is relatively fast, as well as that the customer can take over the maintenance of the website himself. During the development process, we create the page itself, insert content and visual materials, connect analytics tools and perform the first SEO implementations. To ensure that the customer page runs successfully, in the case of Vingrs, we also provide two years of technical support.



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